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ISO 2015 Changes | ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

ISO 2015 Changes: Revised ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards – Are you ready for the transition to the new standards?

Both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 were revised in September 2015 and all organisations with certification to these standards will have to transition within 3 years, i.e. by September 2018.

What are the main changes in the standards?

Both standards now:

  • Follow a new structure called Annex SL
  • Have 10 clauses with identical titles
  • Contain new concepts such as ‘the context of the organisation’ and ‘ leadership’
  • Replace preventive action with risk based thinking

So what does this mean for you as an organisation with either or both standards?

  • It will be easier to run two or more ISO systems side by side
  • Organisations will need to formally consider areas such as risk, the markets they operate in, the role of the stakeholders in their business, and the key internal and external issues that may affect the business. There is also a requirement for management to be more closely involved with the running of their QMS or EMS
  • For ISO 14001 particularly there are additional requirements to demonstrate an improvement in environmental performance, and to look more closely at your supply base as part of an understanding of the life-cycle impact of your products and services

How much will your system have to change?

All organisations are different, and whilst you will need to make some alterations to your system, this will depend very much on what you already have in place.

For example you may already have a risk plan and treatment in place even though the current versions of the standards do not specifically require an organisation to have one.

When is the best time to change?

You have three years, however, as the revised versions of both standards are widely seen as an improvement on the old versions, it makes sense to move to the new standards so that you benefit from the changes sooner rather than later.

How can we help?

As specialist ISO consultants and IRCA registered experts in both standards, we are completely conversant with the changes that are required and can support you to adapt your systems with the minimum of fuss. Call or email us if you would like a free session with an ISO 9001 consultant or an ISO 14001 consultant.

Our corporate services consultants have already converted a number of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and combined systems to the new standards, so we are ideally placed to look at your system and come up with a bespoke plan around your existing system(s) to transfer to 2015 certification.

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