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Conversion to the new standards; get on with it

An interesting response to our blog about the new standards. As we said, we are over halfway through the period to convert to the 2015 versions of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We have heard from others in the industry who share our concerns. The deadline is September 2018.

There are no official statistics; however, unofficially we have heard that well over half the organisations with either 9001 or 14001 have so far done nothing about conversion.

So what should you do? The new standards look confusing, but with a diligent approach and some help they can be navigated. Our general advice is to target your next surveillance visit. Convert your system as soon as possible, and make sure you have performed an internal audit and a management review.

If you are struggling to make head or tail of the new standards, call in outside help. But as we have said before, don’t leave it too late. Next year will be chaos, particularly after Easter. Do not leave it until then as you may run out of time.

We are already busy with conversions, and of course our existing clients come first. Do get in touch with us via the link on our website.
But please don’t leave it too late!