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New ISO 14001 standard – what does it mean for you?

The revision to ISO 14001 is at last in its closing stages with a final draft due to be published this month and the actual standard coming out at the start of October. According to the ISO website the key changes are going to be as follows:
1. Increased prominence of environmental management within the organization’s strategic planning processes
2. Greater focus on leadership
3. Addition of proactive initiatives to protect the environment from harm and degradation, such as sustainable resource use and climate change mitigation
4. Improving environmental performance added
5. Lifecycle thinking when considering environmental aspects
6. Addition of a communications strategy
Quite how this will pan out in practice, particularly with SMEs, remains to be seen especially with respect to lifecycle thinking. However, our view remains that conversion from the old to the new standard will be a manageable process. Please contact us if you are worried about this process and hopefully we can ease your mind.