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Transition – act soon

Transition to the new standards

Are you still delaying transition? We have spoken at length about the need to get your transition going. We advise you to get transition to  ISO 9001 and 14001:2015  done in plenty of time. You should be aware that the cut-off date is September 2018.  You should know that certification to the old standards will no longer be valid after this.

Do you need to panic yet? No, but you shouldn’t wait until the new year. We are now at the start of July 2017, so there is apparently still plenty of time. However, we would advise all of those who have not yet begun the transition process not to delay too much longer. Leaving aside the fact that you need to adapt to the new standards, many of the certification bodies have a tedious gap analysis process to go through. You may already have forms to be completed well before your audit date. We are seeing that the auditors themselves are starting to get booked up well in advance, which is only going to get worse next year.

Don’t delay much longer

We repeat previous advice that the conversion need not be too arduous if you know what you are doing. But, if you need advice, again many consultants are getting busy already. By early next year we expect demand to exceed supply. We think this may also be true of the certification bodies. You should make a start. Soon.

If you need help please contact us at sales@ or through our website https://www.  We, like many others in the industry, are busy and of course are focussing on our existing clients as a priority. If you do want help, please get in touch sooner rather than later. We want to help as many people as possible, but we have only so many hours in a day!